Trade, Industry and Investment

The Trade, Industry and Investment Department is headed by the City Commercial Officer and is responsible forthe implementation of policies and strategy to promote trade, industry, tourism, wildlife and cooperatives services in the city.

  • Key Functions
    ● Implement Private Public Partnership and manage Private Public Partnership relations;
    ● Mobilize, sensitize and educate farmers on commercialization of agriculture and value addition;
    ● Develop cooperatives and offer other trade development services;
    ● Promote, develop and preserve tourism attraction sites and activities in the city;
    ● License trade including produce buying;
    ● Promote wildlife conservation;
    ● Promote organization and formation of cooperatives;
    ● Promote and ensure a conducive investment environment;
    ● Interpret, implement and enforce policies, laws and regulations on tourism, trade, industry, marketing, wildlife and cooperatives;
    ● Generate data and statistics for planning in the department;
    ● Determine quality standards and brand agricultural produce with the guidance of Uganda National Bureau of Standards;
    ● Promote and carry out commercial services capacity building programmes to empower City officials and service providers;
    ● Promote and mainstream PPP in the operations of City; and
    ● Liaise with Central government and other stakeholders on investment promotion.
  • ● Trade Development and Promotion
  • ● Enterprise Development
  • ● Market Linkage Promotion
  • ● Industrial Promotion
  • ● Co-operative Mobilization and Outreaches
  • ● Tourism Promotion
Core Section Heads